Secularism is a factor that typifies the religious beliefs and customs in Kolkata. While Hindu temples are, understandably, most commonly seen in the City of Joy, there is no dearth of beautiful mosques and imposing churches here either. If you avail of car hire in Kolkata, going on a tour to these lovely places of worship can become an easy and immensely enjoyable exercise. These are a few religious spots that should definitely feature in your travel plans:


  1. Kalighat temple – The temple of Goddess Kali at Kalighat is probably the most popular religious joint in the city. For traveling to this place with ease, you can either take car rental in Kolkata, or avail of the frequent Kolkata Metro service. Do be on your guard against the over-zealous local priests though!
  2. Dakshineshwar temple – Public buses are available to commute to Dakshineshwar, but you would probably find the idea of taking luxury car on rent in Kolkata to trImageavel to this much-revered place to be way more convenient. You’ll enjoy the experience of queuing up to get a ‘darshan’ (sight) of the deity at the main temple. The 12 temples of Lord Shiva are worth visiting as well.


  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral – With a height of over 200 feet, this church (built in the middle of the nineteenth century) is easily one of the grandest pieces of architectural genius in Kolkata. The chauffeurs provided by any of the leading car rental companies in Kolkata are aware of the exact road route to the cathedral. The intricate Gothic design styles on the walls would impress you as much, as the sheer serenity of the ambiance here.
  2. St. James Church – Also known as Jora Girja, this Christian place of worship boasts of rather unique design features. The turrets of this church are placed on the two separate buildings that had been combined to build this church, which stands proudly on the side of the bustling AJC Bose Road.


  1. The Tipu Sultan Mosque – To check out the excellence of Islamic art and architecture from a bygone era, a visit to the Tipu Sultan mosque would be in order. Take private car rental in Kolkata, and ask the driver to take you to Dharamtala – where the mosque is located. The heritage value of this Muslim place of worship is highly significant. Restoration works have been undertaken, to keep the glory of this mosque intact.
  2. The Nakhoda Masjid – This one features among the most spacious religious places in the entire country. Nakhoda Masjid, at Jacquaria Street, stands as a fine example of Saracenic design styles and Indian constructional brilliance. The mosque takes on an ethereal festive appearance during Muharram and the other major occasions in the Islamic calendar. Before returning from this place, don’t forget to buy a couple of bottles of ‘attar’ (perfume) as well!


  1. Magen David synagogue – Built in the latter part of the nineteenth century, this synagogue is practically symbolic of all that Jewish religious beliefs and customs stand for. You can contact any of the luxury car rental companies in the city, to ensure a smooth trip to Rashbehari Road, where this synagogue is situated.
  2. Beth El synagogue – Just like the Magen David, a special permit is required to enter the Beth El synagogue (at Pollack street) as well. The exquisite designs and motifs on the walls of this synagogue mesmerize visitors, while the place also offers an insight into the Jewish modes of worship.

Kolkata also houses quite a few grand Sikh places of worship, with the Jagat Sudhar Gurudwara and the Gurudwara Bari Sangat enjoying maximum popularity. All that you need is to take a car on hire in Kolkata, to visit most of these religious hotspots without any hassles. There is a distinct unity in the religious diversity in the city – check that out for yourself!