With the name of Himalaya, one can think of the single place that is everlasting ranges of white peaks and snow covered regions. However, one must understand one thing that apart from that Himalaya, there is another Himalaya, which is full of greenery and consist of different animals and fast rivers. However, one can think that how to visit these beautiful places within 4 days of off. One can take an airport car rental Kolkata and reach airport after completing the office. Take a flight from there, and reach to Bagdogra airport by that very night. Once you reach there, next three or four days you can do these things over there as per your likings and pocket.

The natural life is well known for the jeopardized species, the Royal Bengal Tiger. One Horned Rhinoceros are found after KAZIRANGA untamed life asylum. Elephant and Jeeps safari can be sorted out to enter the woods relying upon the enthusiasm of the person. Elephant safari is well known in Jaldapara untamed life haven among all the timberland go in Dooars. To enter the Sanctuary you can enter through two distinct routes. One is through Siliguri, Sevoke, Malbazar, , Madarihat, Jaldapara and the other is through Siliguri, Rajganj, Jalpaiguri, Dhupguri, Goerkata, jaldapara).

The place is the area that is known for the imperiled species, Red Panda. It is a virgin regular wood with thick bamboo forests and bright shade of Rhododendron trees. The close-by Mountains are secured with snow giving a huge delight of the lavish green valley and partitioned waterways framing waterfalls around the recreation center. Wild Dog are regularly found here yet they don’t enter the recreation center because of the dormitory made around the recreation center. The recreation center is arranged in Kalimpong, locale of Darjeeling. It’s most eminent for Bird Watching.

After Sunderban, Royal Bengal Tigers are mostly part found over here in Buxa, Tiger researve.. The reservation for the tigers is arranged in Alipurduar under Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal. Rail course goes through the backwoods, which joins Alipurduar Junction and Hasimara. The Tigers are kept and all around kept up with the goal that they do not terminated. Individuals go over better places to visit the Royal Bengal Tigers. Tigers as well as Leopards and Cheetah are likewise found in the hold. Buxa Tiger save can be come to through both street and rail.

The Chapramari park for wild life is located near Malbazar and around 2 hours’ from Siliguri through Sevoke. One can take a car on rent to reach this particular place. The Bhatabari go or the Bhatabari thick timberland make a go between Jalpaiguri Town and Chapramari Park. Vast assortment of widely varied vegetation is found in this locale alongside elephants and Gaur known as Indian Bison. Deer are found in various assortments. Green Pigeons and kingfishers alongside Parrots relocate to the place yet particular time and climate. The greater parts of the Leopards in Dooars are from Chapramari Wildlife Park.

However, if your taste is different from wild life and you want peace and serenity then notheg can be better than Lava and Lolegaon. A little Lepcha town arranged at the outrageous end of the Himalayan edge having pine woods everywhere throughout the environment. The place is acclaimed for the Buddhist Monastery known as the Lava Monastery. The place is pleased for the Bird viewing and the timberland go in Lolegaon is said to be as Heritage woodland have thick Pine trees and Oak trees. Sun Set Point-Ramitey Dara, sunsets with a brilliant perspective of the Mt. Kanchenjunga is well known in this Village.

However, to explore more one can come to this particular place name Totopara. The towns is little in size and comprise around 1 to 2 thousand individuals approx. the general population have a place with Toto Tribe that is one and just in the Earth. 22 km from Madarihat, Totopara makes a passage to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is absolutely in fields however encompassed with the foothills of Bhutan toward the north and Torsha River toward the east and Titi Forest range on the opposite side.

The Coronation Bridge is over the waterway Teesta. The scaffold is otherwise called Sevoke Bridge. The neighborhood close-by individuals likewise call it as “Bagh Pull” as in light of the fact that the there is a statue of tigers sitting on both side of the extension. The scaffold associates two mountains and makes a pass route for Sikkim, Kalimpong, Siliguri and Malbazar. Essentially one might say that it associate both Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri region. National roadway 31 keeps running over the scaffold. It is said as the Heritage of North Bengal and Dooars.

Stream rafting can be said a standout amongst the most courageous game and it is a best alternative in Dooars trip. Stream rafting should be possible just from January to June as the climate and the Water is steady. Essentially there are a few courses of waterway Teesta where stream rafting is conceivable. Nearby individuals and the accomplished swimmers take approx. 2 to 3 individuals and begin the rafting. Everywhere throughout the Dooars there are numerous streams however just Teesta has the office of River Rafting.

Therefore, one can see that a number of things can be done if they plan to visit Himalayan foothills. However, probably it is not possible to be on all the places on a single vacation. Nevertheless, one can plan it out that where he likes to go on the short-term visit. The coming back is neither very hard as one can surely take a flight in early morning and with an airport car rental in Kolkata can easily reach the office within scheduled timing.