If you are a born foodie and want to explore the mughlai food then you just cannot overlook the especial dish, crown of the cuisine Biryani. Therefore, one must try Biryani for sure. However, when it comes to talk about the biryani, Kolkata biryani comes on the first row with the display of flourishing Potato. The golden potato used to give the Kolkata biryani a different aroma and taste than others. On a single day, one can book a car from any car rental service Kolkata and explore these following eateries.

With outlets at different areas in Kolkata, Arsalan is one of the best eateries in Kolkata, which serves bona fide Mughlai sustenance and particularly Biryani. The Park Circus branch arranged directly before the Park Circus crossing has the best servings as far as taste. It is very little costly. Inside the eatery it is hard to discover a man who does not have a plate of Biryani separated from different dishes. There is no opposition confronted by this restaurant in spite of so whatever other spots and it keeps on drawing in individuals ordinary. A tip is request a plate of Arsalan Special Biryani. Nothing on earth tastes better. They in reality serve one of the best Biryani arrangements in the nation (yes, we vouch for that!) whose taste will wait in your mouth for eternity! In case you’re in Kolkata, you’ll find very many branches of a similar eatery spotted around the city.

While every one of them serve practically similar biryani, so as to relish the best, visit their Park Circus Seven Point branch—their primary. A plate of Mutton/Chicken Biryani here will set you off by Rs.225.

It is situated in Diamond Harbor Road and is the best Biryani focus in the south-western piece of Kolkata. Alongside only mughlai dishes, it likewise has Chinese and North Indian. However, the general population who visit Haji Saheb are the ones who entirely go for the Biryani. Costs are less expensive as well. One mystery is that one plate Biryani when stuffed and brought home is of a more prominent amount than which is served inside the eatery. The ones who think about it bring it home and enjoy it.

Aside from being acclaimed for Kati-moves, Nizam’s serves up the best Biryani plates accessible in Kolkata. Arranged in the New Market region, you will generally never discover a seat purge as a result of the gigantic footfall. You will most likely need to sit tight for a greatest of 5 minutes, yet the hold up is justified, despite all the trouble. Biryani, together with “kebabs” or “chaap” is superb there. The plate served has such a colossal amount, to the point that it can without much of a stretch clear a path to two stomachs. In any case, once more, it’s excessively wonderful, making it impossible to share.

Again situated in the New Market range, near Nizam’s, the smell of this Biryani eatery will drag you inside. The pocket squeeze being too simple, Amenia can be gone to as often as possible. The sheep Biryani and lamb chaap mix in Amenia is something which you will always remember once you have had a spoonful of it. Lamb Biryani being a hot most loved among guests is the most delicious dish here. You can likewise have it with kebabs which are exceptionally delectable as well.

This eatery is one of the most up to date kids in the piece at the same time, inside a year or two, it has made a lasting home in the hearts of the Calcuttans. Do you know what the best thing about this place is? All things considered, this their menu card demonstrates a posting of very many sorts of biryani arrangements which very little eateries are even acquainted with—and every one of those dishes taste just out of the world.

Somewhat expensive than alternate eateries on the piece, on the off chance that you need an incredible eating background alongside mouth-watering rarities getting it done, Oudh 1590 is clearly your place.

With upwards of six outlets in Kolkata this is one of the most seasoned eateries here. The fundamental branch, which is situated in Park Street, is the one where you ought to first go. Be it an old man or an adolescent, there is no one in Kolkata who has not been there. Indeed, even a man in his 70s or 80s will disclose to you how a specific Biryani tastes there. You can look over a large group of menu and not stress over any. They will be top notch without a doubt.

Therefore, one can see that there are some of the exceptional biryani eateries are available in Kolkata. Some of them are even hundred years old whereas some of them are new and recently launched. However, in terms of taste all of them can give one another very tough competition. However, the competition at the end is of course beneficial for the food lovers like us. So, what are you still waiting for? Before, the plates are going to be finished take a car and reach the hotels now.