I will admit this – the idea of showing off a bit has always appealed to me. Owning a 3 BHK flat at a sophisticated high-rise residential complex, taking luxury vehicles on rent, dining at five-star restaurants on weekends – all of these contribute to satiate my craving for having a luxurious, high-class lifestyle. Since I am a big fan of traveling in imported rental cars, I make sure that nothing goes wrong with their maintenance – which would force me spend big bucks on repairs. In the following write-up, I have listed the ten car maintenance guidelines that I always follow:

  1. Tires – While taking a luxury car on rent in Kolkata, I make sure that the tires have the right air-pressure and tread. After every drive, I wash the tire surfaces as well as the rims meticulously – to remove entangled dirt and grime. Of course, I ask for a couple of extra tires as well – to ensure that a puncture is hardly ever a problem.
  2. Body – There are several chemical automobile cleaning agents available in the markets. However, if you have taken an imported car hire in Kolkata, it would be prudent to stay away from them – since it’s rather difficult to predict which one might corrode the paint of the vehicle. Instead, I use a soft piece of cloth to dust off the car I hire, after returning from a trip.
  3. Engine – The Audi or Toyoto Innova on rent you take might be geared for excellent on-road performance, but you can never ever be negligent about the condition of the engine. To prevent the engine of my hired car from getting overheated, I take a break after every two hours of driving (that’s right, I go out on long drives with my friends often!). I also carry a can of water in the car, which comes in handy for cooling the motors.
  4. Brakes – Being a movie-buff, I have often witnessed petrifying scenes of brake fails, with the concerned car spiraling out of control of the driver – and having fatal collisions. In order to avoid any such unpleasantness in real life, I take good care of the braking systems – never exerting too much pressure on them, or keeping them pressed for too long. Experts from any good car rentals company would also advise against pressing the brake pedals too frequently.
  5. Battery – A couple of years ago, I had taken a BMW on rent for a two-day trip to Chandennagore. I had checked the engine of the vehicle from beforehand, and was really puzzled by the loud, queer sounds that the motor started to emit – within an hour or so of starting the journey. It was later detected by a local mechanic that the battery of the car was faulty. Since then, I always keep an eye out for probable problems in the car battery, and the wires attached to it.
  6. Fuel pump and tubes – Fuel leakages can hamper vehicular performance, and drive up travel expenses manifold. That’s precisely I regularly inspect the transmission pipes and fluid tubes, when I hire rental car, as well as after each time I go out on a drive in it. Remarkably, I have come across such leakages as many as three times – and had to inform the rental agency representatives immediately.
  7. Air bags – My extra-carefulness about car brakes probably already has given you inkling about my constant concerns about accidents (mostly unfounded, but still!). Before taking out a car on rent at Kolkata, I check whether the air bags are working fine, and if there are any holes in them. So far, I have not ever found the automobile air bags to be faulty on any ground – but that does not prevent me from checking, always!
  8. Lights – While washing a vehicle taken from any Kolkata car rental agency, I take particular care while cleaning the headlights and taillights. Prior to going out on a drive, I ensure that all the bulbs are functioning properly. Legal problems can crop up otherwise – and, after all, what is a luxury car without bright, stylish lights?
  9. Mirrors and windshields – Neither is a stained windshield safe, nor is it a pleasant spectacle to look at. The same goes for the rearview and the side-mirrors. I take out 10 minutes prior to taking a car on the streets, to wipe the mirrors and windshield properly – so that visibility is never an issue. Last year, a minor brush with another vehicle had caused a side mirror to get broken – and I had sought for a replacement mirror from the company.
  10. Electrical components – Vehicle AC system, in-car audio player, a couple of small fans – these are some of the basic electrical components I look for, while taking luxury car rentals in Kolkata. To make sure that chances of short-circuits are minimal, I use insulated cable ties to keep the electrical wires safe. In case any of the electrical fixtures stop functioning normally, I do not use it until it has been repaired by a professional.

The quality of car emissions is yet another thing I am extremely vigilant about. I request the executives at the company for car rental in Kolkata to use safe, unleaded fuel in the luxury car I take – and I use the same, while refilling the tanks. My desire for enjoying a high-life can go bust with an on-road car breakdown, and I try my level best to avoid such a scenario!